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“Industry Standard for Architectural Wood Flush Doors / Architectural, Wood, Stile & Rail doors". 

This standard is a general industry standard that provides quality levels for the construction of architectural wood flush doors, encompassing function, performance and aesthetics.

The purpose of the publication is to:

1. Define, in exact terminology, the grades and performance duty levels of architectural wood flush doors available through this standard.
2. Provide general information, standards, and tests that will ensure all products complying with this standard can be evaluated on an equal
3. Provide a logical, simple system of reference specifications, keyed to guide specifications, that will enable the architect to specify wood
flush doors thoroughly, precisely, and accurately.
4. Provide information necessary for the owner’s representative to properly determine whether or not there has been compliance with this
standard. The responsibility for determining quality compliance rests with the owner’s representative. A review and approval, by the owner’s
representative, of all details and submittals for compliance is essential.

This Standard applies to architectural wood flush doors intended for interior application.

This Standard is available to download from the WDMA website.