Smoke & fire containment systems

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HP400 and HP410

  • HP400 - surface-applied intumescent gasket.
  • HP410 - surface-applied intumescent fire, smoke & draft gasket.

These seals comprise a high performance intumescent core, protected by a rigid extruded PVC casing - durable in everyday service, but designed to soften and melt in the same temperature range as the intumescent core begins to expand.

HP410 additionally has three co-extruded elastomeric fins, for additional smoke and draft protection.
Ideal for both perimeter and meeting stiles. Both products are supplied complete with strong self-adhesive tape, for easy “peel-n-stick” application.

ITS and UL listings for 20, 45, 60 and 90 minutes (Category G). HP410 additionally holds Category H listing.

Please download the Gaskets for Fire Door Assemblies datasheet for specification details.

You may also find our FAQs on Gaskets for Fire Door Assemblies helpful.

MSDS available upon request. 

HP410 HP410