Smoke & fire containment systems

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Gaskets for Fire Door Assemblies

The gaps between a door leaf and its frame are necessary for everyday operation - but they form an area of vulnerability for the passage of smoke and flames in a fire situation. Lorient's intumescent fire gasketing systems offer cost-effective and attractive solutions, tested and proven under conditions of positive pressure, for example UL 10C, NFPA 252 and UBC 7-2-97.

Many of Lorient's gaskets also contain an integral smoke and draft seal, to provide a complete solution for life safety and property protection, in one product. Smoke barrier performance has also been evaluated under conditions of positive pressure, using NFPA 105 guidelines, and the UL 1784 testing standard.

All Lorient's gaskets are available through North American national distributor Hager - please download the relevant code comparison chart for product code details.


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