Smoke & fire containment systems

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System-36 PLUS (GS705, GS706 & GS708)

This flexible channel comes in a choice of sizes to suit 5/32” - 5/16” (4-8mm) glass types. The gasket simply pushes over the edge of the glass - it is a completely dry operation; there is no need for any additional sealant - and no clean-up operation to finish.

Choose the GS705 for 5/32” - 7/32” (4-5mm) glass, the GS706 for 1/4” (6-7mm) glass and the GS708 for 5/16” (7-8mm) glass. All are suitable for use with Pilkington wire fire glass, Asahi wire glass, or FireLite ceramic glass from Technical glass Products.

All three gaskets can be used for 20 minute wood fire doors, positive pressure (without hose-stream), to a maximum pane size of 1007 square inches. Refer to our listings guidance document for more details.

Also suitable for side lite, transom lite or borrowed lite applications, to a maximum of 3875 square inches, also for 20 minutes (without hose-stream).

It is important that the System-36 gaskets are used with beads of appropriate dimensions. For full technical details, contact Lorient or refer to our listings guidance document.

Both products are supplied are 195ft length coils as standard.  

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