Smoke & fire containment systems

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Flexible Figure 1 (GS905)

A flexible intumescent gasket with a protective PVC skin, the Flexible Figure 1 is uniquely designed to allow tolerances between door, bead and glass thicknesses to be accommodated.

Flexible Figure 1 is suitable for use in 20 minute wood core doors, tested to UBC Standard 7-2-97, UL10C and NFPA 252. Suitable for use with a variety of fire rated glass types of 5/32” - 5/16”: contact Lorient for specific details.

Instalation is straightforward, with a choice of dry-fit or “peel-n-stick” application. The gasket is simply applied to beads of appropriate dimensions, cut and mitered to shape, and pinned into position.

Please download the Lite Gaskets details for specification details.

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