Smoke & fire containment systems

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FAQ: Sales & Distribution

Where can I source your products?

If you are a distributor, our private label accounts is Hager, who will be able to source any Lorient product for you.

If you are a door manufacturer looking for construction materials or gaskets of any type, please contact us directly on +1 859 252 7441.

What product code references should we use when ordering?

If ordering from Hager, they will have their own product references. Please ask us for the relevant product code comparison chart for further details. 

Are your products listed with UL or ITS? 

Wherever possible, Lorient submits its products for independent certification, to help provide customers and specifiers with complete assurance of the proven performance of Lorient products. Many Lorient products have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories and Intertek Testing Services (also known as Warnock Hersey), to meet the requirements of UL 10C and UBC 7-2-97. These were conducted on several different door constructions and a variety of materials and styles of gasketing. Some products have dual listings and some are specific to one or the other certification body. Our private label accounts also have independent listings. Listings can be found on the UL Certification website and ITS SpecDirect.

Do you have any products for an aluminium door frame?

Lorient can work with you and the relevant approval body to gain the approval you require for fire and smoke, using either a standard product or a bespoke product designed to suit your specific requirements. Please call us to discuss.